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We pride ourselves in having an impressive selection of gear so we can always be on the forefront of video production techniques. The right tools offer flexibility in production styles and help ensure a quality look and sound for your footage.

With multiple High Definition cameras and modern lighting and sound gear, we believe in investing in top-quality equipment. By doing so, we are confident in helping our clients migrate to High Definition video. And because we own our own gear, we can save them money along the way.

Camera Packages:

Panasonic HPX-500
• 2/3" 3-CCD 16:9 P2 HD Camcorder
• Multiple format recording: DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV
• Supports 1080/60i, 50i, 30p, 25p and 24p; in 720/60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, and 24p
• Bogen 510 Tripod

Panasonic HVX-200
• 1/3" 3-CCD 16:9 HD/DVCPRO/DV Cinema P2 Camera
• Multiple format recording: DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO, DV selectable
• Supports 1080/60i, 1080/24p, 1080/24pA, 1080/30p, 720p/60p, 720/24p (over 60p), 720/30p (over 60p), 720/24pN native, 720/30pN native 480/60i, 480/24p (over 60i), 480/24pA (over 60i), 480/30p (over 60i)
• Sachtler Tripod

Panasonic DVX-100
• 1/3" 3-CCD 24P/30P/60i DV Cinema Camera
• Supports 480i/60 (NTSC), Cinema-style 480p/24fps, and 480p/30fps image capture

Sony DSR-250
• 3-CCD, 1/3-Inch Interline Transfer-type
• Supports NTSC, 30 frames, 60 interlaced fields per second
• Cartoni Tripod

Camera Support Gear:

Sony Wide Conversion Lens
10 Panasonic 16 GB P2 Cards
2 Panasonic 32 BG P2 Cards
2 8" CRT Monitors
1 Panasonic 8" HD Monitor
2 Firestore FS-4

Lighting & Grip:

2 Kino Flow 400 Diva
4 Kino Flow 200 Diva
1 Arri Fresnel Tungsten Kit
1 LTM Fresnel Tungsten Kit
1 Lowell Pro Kit

1 Sound Devices 2 Channel Mixer
1 Sennheiser Shotgun Microphone Kit
1 Sennheiser Wireless Mic Kit
4 TRAM Mics
1 M-Audio Recorder
1 Mackie DFX 12 Mixer
1 Mackie 1202 Mixer

Support Gear:

Glideshot GS80 Pro-Econo Track Dolly

Focus Enhancements Firestore: FS-4
• RawDV, AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, AVI Type 2 24p, Matrox AVI, Canopus AVI, QuickTime, or QuickTime 24p

Prompter ProPrompter
• Mounts easily to almost any broadcast or DV camera lens.
• Fits any lens diameter from 100mm down to 52mm.

Multi-Camera Switching:

TriCaster PRO FX
• Video Input: 3 Y/C, 3 Composite (BNC), 3 Component (BNC)
• Audio Input: 2 Balanced Mic/Line Inputs (XLR or Phone), 1 Stereo Line In (RCA)
• Video Output: 1 Y/C, 1 Composite (BNC), 1 Component (BNC)
• Audio Output: 2 Balanced Line Out (Phone), 1 Stereo Headphone Out
• Video Ingest: 1, 4-pin IEEE FireWire®, 1, 6-pin IEEE FireWire®
• iVGA™ input: 1 Ethernet Network Connection

TriCaster Studio
• Video Input: 6 Y/C, 6 Composite (BNC), 6 Component (BNC)
• Audio Input: 4 Balanced Mic/Line Inputs (XLR or phone)
• Video Output: 2 Y/C, 2 Composite (BNC), 2 Component (BNC)
• Audio Output: 2 Balanced Line Outs (phone), 2 Unbalanced Line Outs (RCA), 1 Stereo Headphone Out
• Video Ingest: 1, 4-pin IEEE FireWire®, 1, 6-pin IEEE FireWire®
• iVGA™ input: Shift Between 3 iVGA Client Displays
• Tally: 6 Tally Light Connections

2 Nikon D-300
1 Nikon D-70
Lens Package (6 Focal Lengths)
Flash and Reflectors
GPS Capture System
Panoramic and VR Tour Lenses


Green Screen Reflecmedia:
Chromatte fabric is designed to work in conjunction with a LiteRing. The LiteRing features Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that are arranged in a circular casing that is positioned in front of the camera lens. This provides all the light required to illuminate the Chromatte background for chroma key production. Information courtesy of Reflecmedia's website.

Chromatte is a fabric designed specifically for use as a background for chroma key production. Unlike conventional chroma key fabrics that are usually blue or green in colour, in ambient light Chromatte is grey to the eye. The fabric contains millions of tiny glass beads that act as reflectors: when any light - such as the directional light from Reflecmedia’s lens-mounted LiteRing – hits the fabric, it is returned on the same path back into the camera’s lens. This retro-reflectice process means the camera ‘sees’ the apparently grey fabric as a perfectly even blue or green background.

• 7’ square collapsible screen
• Packs into a 90cm (36”) diameter bag.

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