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We created RHED Pixel as a place where we could explore the art of communication without the boundaries most of our peers face. We set out to make a place that is different than the rest.

Our casual office setting is a relaxing place to step away to; here ideas flow freely and we’re constantly looking to engage the audience with new approaches. We’re also steps ahead of most others when it comes to technology (and the knowledge to use it).

Our team works in all facets of production: from writing a compelling script and bringing out our camera crews, to creating custom motion graphics and putting your finished video on the web for many to enjoy.

We truly believe in the power of visual communications and we scale our tools and technology to meet each project’s goals within budget, scope, and schedule. We have produced national television commercials that were shot on film and aired extensively. Yet, we have also helped nonprofit organizations design small outreach programs that engage a targeted audience.

Thanks for looking us up. We hope you find our website helpful in your search for a production partner. If there is a question you need answered, or you just want to talk to a real person, feel free to contact us.

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