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We like to think of projects as a creative collaboration between many parties. At the core of this collaboration is the client. Nobody knows your message better than you and client involvement is crucial to producing a product that effectively reaches its target audience. We have developed the following workflow to encourage this client involvement.

Creative Kickoff Everyone comes together to brainstorm the most effective approach for the project.

Budgeting Detail We put together a detailed budget and scope statement, which allows us to provide the maximum production value possible within your budget parameters.

Schedule A realistic project schedule is developed and updated weekly to ensure an on-time delivery.

Scripting The detail of scripting will vary depending upon the creative approach, but all approaches begin with developing a full creative treatment.

Production Our crew hits the road (or the studio) to capture the content and spirit of your project.

Editing Stay involved by reviewing your project on the Internet, or join us in one of our comfortable editing suites. We can also bring the edit to you with one of our mobile editing systems.

Review We create a webpage with your video embedded in it, allowing you to conveniently review the latest cut of your video or pick sound bites from anywhere you can access the Internet. We can also deliver a VHS or a DVD if that works better for you.

Delivery We see your project all the way through to its final delivery. No matter what the final format, we’ll work with you until your target audience is reached.
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