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RHED Pixel

By harnessing the newest digital tools, RHED Pixel lies at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of video production. We are able to deliver solutions and quality at affordable costs that were unthinkable just five years ago.

A great project starts with great footage.  With a director’s vision, a producer’s eye for budget, and experience working with all of the major formats, the RHED Pixel team can provide the original footage that you have dreamed about.  We are even able to deliver stunning High Definition footage at reasonable prices. With accomplished videographers on staff and long-term relationships with high-end cinematographers, we are equipped to meet any project’s needs.

But a skilled crew does not guarantee beautiful footage.  The key to a successful shoot is extensive planning and organization.  RHED Pixel is experienced in coordinating all productions, large and small. From location and talent scouting, to securing permits, gear rental, and travel details, we have the experience to make any shoot run smoothly.

At RHED Pixel, we own much of our own gear, allowing us to keep your costs down.  We also have our own studio, which is perfect for single person interviews and other small productions.

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