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It's no longer enough to send your branding and message out into the marketplace through just one channel. We live in a world of integrated marketing campaigns where brand extension and take-home branding are the norm. One option for helping to disseminate your message, and to give your message credibility, is podcasting.

The audience for podcasting is growing....and fast. Currently about 17 million people have downloaded a podcast. That's 12% of Internet users. But this 12% is a key advertising demographic -- almost evenly split between male and female, well educated, with above average household incomes. The podcasting audience is growing 20% per month, and is expected to reach 63 million Americans by the year 2010.

RHED Pixel has leapt into podcast production and endorses its value for our clients. With 7 highly rated podcasts currently available on iTunes, RHED Pixel is quickly becoming a leading podcast provider. We understand how to produce visuals that will be viewed online or on portable devices at small sizes. We also understand how to properly compress that video so it is crisp and clean.

Podcasting is an marketer’s dream. It creates a captive audience for providing useful information to further your brand, and your audience can take it with them wherever they go and view it whenever they want. When you’re ready to make the leap, we’re already up and running.

Visit our Podcasting minisite at

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