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Motion Control

Static images are boring! Reinvent the storytelling process by rotating, spinning, and scanning past your visuals. Guide your audience towards unnoticed details, move into and out of photos, and rack the focus from foreground to background.

Now imagine if you could introduce the illusion of motion in the third dimension into a static image. Motion Control 3D makes this a reality by adding subtle motion and bringing your photos to life.  Make your audience do a double-take to determine if the images are really moving. By splitting up the image in virtual space, each individual element comes to exist on its own layer.   By shifting the layers or racking the focus, the delicate movement created within the frame brings forth an unusual and attention-grabbing effect.

So don’t settle for static…add dynamic motion to your project.  Let our team of designers transform your images into moving works of art. No one said that stills have to be still – add life and energy to your project!

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