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RHED Pixel

When your project is “done” its life is merely beginning. Your video project needs to make its way to an audience. The digital video experts at RHED Pixel are ready to help you publish with the latest digital tools. From iPods to digital cinema, we’ve got the know how to ensure your audience can see your production.

We have the ability to bring your next project to the right audience: whether it's just for internal purposes or to reach a vast public audience. Thanks to web video and podcasting, we now have the ability to reach millions of potential viewers who only just a few years ago would otherwise never see such content. And these new outlets can also save you money by eliminating the need to replicate hundreds if not thousands of DVDs.

Since its inception, podcasting has intrigued us at RHED Pixel. And we've learned to perfect the art over the years - yes, we say art. Just because podcasts can be created by just about anyone with a microphone or video camera these days doesn't mean that high quality video with great content and beautiful motion graphics shouldn't be available and accessible to all. We've become nationally and internationally recognized experts in video podcasting - and even wrote the book on it.

Here at RHED Pixel, we believe in high quality production, skilled editing, and stunning motion graphics. But your project is useless if it can't reach its target audience. Let us show you how we can help deliver your project to its most effective destination.

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