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RHED Pixel
Motion Graphics

The art of motion graphics is a fairly new specialty in graphic design. To be effective, the designer must draw heavily on an understanding of both video and print design. By giving life to an otherwise static image, the graphic now has the benefit of conveying a message, mood, or emotion for your piece, giving the finished product a unique and creative storytelling ability.

Motion graphics can supplement a video production, but it can also stand on its own for events and conferences. It can also be presented on a kiosk, streamed on the Internet or incorporated into a DVD.

RHED Pixel has created graphic intensive title sequences, presentations, and 2-D/3-D animations for clients such as America Online, the Red Cross and the American Diabetes Association.  Our designs are well known and have been featured in national venues and on broadcast television as well as won awards from peers in the Washington, DC community.

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